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Strat Team : Business Acceleration Service

Have you ever tried to grow sales, with changes only in your sales and marketing people and processes ?

  • Put in a large amount of money, effort and time
  • And got very little benefit

If so, you are not alone.

It takes a revamp of the entire company to grow the turnover or increase the margin. Putting ice-pack on the head is not the solution to a fever : one has to take medicine for the entire body. And right structure of the company is needed, to grow sales, decrease costs, and improve profits. 

Often, many of the changes needed are known to you. At other times, new problems will arise from the changes, and you cannot find a way to minimise the difficulty while maximising the gains.  Yet if you delay making the change, gradually the problems pile up : to postpone to another day only makes it worse. 

The solution is simple : sometimes a 2 hour consultation, one time, can clear your doubts and give you the clear path in you mind. Even when it is more tangled, the  

Strat Team Business Acceleration Advisory helps make all necessary changes, in comfortable small steps. So that almost all your old and trusted people will give up the idea of sabotaging the change, and will gradually become partners in the change instead.
For it is the unfortunate truth, that old and trusted people often become insecure with time. They are scared of the new world with new skills and technology,  that the older people do not know. And many believe they can hold on to their status only by holding change back. Almost holding the owner to business and emotional ransom. Taking everyone along, some with enthusiasm and some with resistance, is at the core of a successful business transformation.
It is also a key objective to make the repairs and upgrades in a running-business status : routine work has to continue. And therefore the successful changes are cut into small pieces, and implemented one piece at a time.
And in planned steps you get a stronger growth-rate that is permanent, by updating your organisation. Making each functional area face 2 goals : the customers needs, and company needs. So that the customers deal with a delightful new company, and reward it with better word-of-mouth image, and more business. This sort of growth is long term, and self-sustaining.

We help a Company Owner "exchange" his current company, for a nimble fast-growing "refreshed" company.

A new company is needed, to succeed in today's new market.

And that is what gets created, in small steps which can be done as the company runs. So that each person in the company IS asked to stretch and to change, yet the stretch is narrow, and it is very do-able.

  • Yes, the 'new' company has the same people, in the same offices and factories.
  • But it is new, for an outsider, and specially the customer. When they are working in smoothly-meshed organisational structure - systems - processes - and - positioning. So that a customer dealing with the company, will experience an entirely new company. .

We help you forward align the company to customer needs, and create pull. Backward align the company to suppliers, and reduce their costs, and therefore reduce costs. And last but most important, internally align the company so that each person is pulling in the same direction.  An action team delivering delight to customers, and winning handsome rewards for the company and for themselves.

We recognise and embrace age-old friction : that is why we are able to resolve it . Eg. we deliberately create solid reassurance to old trusted employees, that in the change they will not be lost or left behind. Rather, they will surge ahead along with the company they are tied to. And explain what is needed from new professionals, for others to succeed. So that new professionals are not sabotaged, but are welcomed and embraced.

During the process, you would also be able to

♥ Sell more on "pull", less on "push" an discounts

♥ Create a professional and up-to-date company 

Achieve extra-ordinary results from ordinary employees, and

Free 30% of your time, after the systems settle in for 6 months 

Why Strat Team Business Acceleration Advisory ?

We consist of former MD's, former CEO's and former CXO's. We have been in your shoes : we understand your pressures better.

And we work on no theory - no reports. We only execute action, and results.