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Strat Team Advisors 

Strat Team offers clients a simple, transparent approach to Merger & Acquisition, Joint Ventures (50:50, or majority/minority), and Collaborations.

Not a typical consultant firm : Strat Team is composed of former MD's, CEO's and CXO's : we have been in your shoes. We understand your pressures. And you can be sure your transaction would have senior level consultants handling it at each stage . 


Merger & Acquisition : 

For a senior citizen business owner, there comes a time when the retirement planning has to be made. And joint venture, followed by a majority stake transfer to a good overseas acquirer, could be the right way. As Chairman-emeritus, even 10 years after the transaction it is satisfying to advise and guide about doing business in India : without the pressures of running the business. 

For a mid-life business owner, selling off one business to start another in a slightly different sub-sector, can be a way to have sufficient own capital and reach a large size within a reasonable time frame. The concept of serial entrepreneur. 

And on the other hand, an acquisition can get you a well established relationship with a set of customers, and a team that knows how to run the business in that geography. Much safer than starting a green-field business from scratch : any mistakes to be made are already over. 

Strat Team, helps you get a business owner to open up and say "Yes, I am open to selling". And then we can together strike a winning deal for your company. With our team members and network in Europe and North America, we provide an integrated service covering and arranging each step of the merger & acquisition. 

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Collaborations : Business Alliances, Brand licensing, Technical collaboration

When customers want to buy even potato chips from a foreign brand, isn't that an opportunity for you ? After all, Strat Team can arrange a foreign brand for you, on royalty basis.

When the latest technology costs hundreds of crores in research : with no guarantee of success : Isn't it an opportunity for you ? After all, Strat Team can arrange a world-class technology for you, on a outright sale or a royalty payment basis.

When presenting a complete solution convinces the customers, isn't that an opportunity for you ? After all, Strat Team can arrange a business alliance with complimentary companies, whether needed in your own back-yard or on another country and continent. Offer a complete solution like the biggest  MNC : why envy them, better to profit like them. 

Come to Strat Team, and convert the market to opportunities, today. And convert the opportunity, to growth and profits, tomorrow. 


Business acceleration advisory

We help a owner restructure his company to match current markets, and handhold through a monthly set of action-points for a year. And the same company ends up feeling like agile and sure-footed to a customer. Which is the goal of the exercise, after all.

With the same people, in the same offices and factories, it is possible to create a new company, a revamped and high-energy, highly charged company that is hungry for growth, and capable of fulfilling its hunger.  To achieve a permanent, structural increase in a company's growth rate. Each company becomes a bit stale, a bit less effective after 3 years from a good-redesign : we simply restore the cutting edge.

And like all offerings from Start Team, this is an Advisory Service, not a Consultancy : 0% Reports, 100% implementation.

How does Strat Team Business Acceleration Service work ?

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Services of Strat Team Advisors are offered under comprehensive agreement including a non disclosure non circumvention agreement (NDNCA), and for clients with listed companies a non-trade agreement (NTA).

Open (Free) Webinars

Strat Team also conducts open webinars 10 to 15 times per year, for Business Owners. And conducts free seminars for industry associations, chambers of commerce, Non Profit Organisations and Social Organisations.

No strings attached, no necessity to become a client.  You are welcome to register for the webinars by clicking the panel below