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My name is Amit Shukla, I head Strat Team. Our service is entirely composed of business professionals from top-10 B-schools, and with all experience in large Indian companies.

To introduce myself better, I have done my M.B.A. from I.I.M. Ahmedabad (1989 ) and B.Tech. from I.I.T. Kanpur (1987).  

I worked with my elder brother's construction contracting firm as a school-boy, and picked up the basics of business along with the skill of mixing concrete. And ever since, I rely on practical business knowledge plus professional business systems to delivery real results. Not just one, and not just the other : when we combine both, we get an unbeatable powerhouse.

In my career, at Cadila, I headed a 100-employee profit centre at the ripe old age of 29, and we used this approach to grow rapidly . For example, we lifted "Sugar Free" from 10.5% market share , to 51% market share on the ORG retail audit , in 5 years. And all major competitors were MNC brands .

More recently, I was in the team at Airtel Fixed-Line telecom, and I used the same practical knowledge + professional principles formula  to grow from approx Rs 120 crores to about Rs 2400 crores annual revenues : about 2200% growth, which is decent for a 6 year time period.

I am married , my wife is a Doctor. I enjoy reading, and enjoy listening to and learning from real life business stories.